Emam and Gari Hegedus
Traditional/Original Music from the Middle East, E. Europe and India
Gari & Emam bring together over 25 years (each) of experience performing in various styles of Eastern Music. Over the years they have each performed with many groups in a wide range of musical styles. They bring together various Eastern European, Middle Eastern and Indian musical styles and colors to create a new experience for the audience.
Gari: Oud (Middle Eastern Lute), Violin,
Sarod (Indian string instrument), Mando-Cello

Emam: Tabla, Dumbak, Djembe

Video Samples
From a concert @ U of WI - Eau Claire
Smile My Friend
Dance of the Hermit

From a concert @ Le Petit Trianon Theatre - San Jose, CA
Smile My Friend
Audio Samples
(from the album: Is This Real?)
(from the album: Sacred Insanity)
Gypsy Song
Smile my friend
Tinkers Dance
Dance of the Hermit - Part 5
(from the album: Voices of the Goddess)
Whisper in my ear
Whisper in my ear - Ending

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