Emam & Friends
World Music Trio
tabla, dumbak, djembe
Gari Hegedus
oud, violin, saz, mandocello
Mukesh Sharma
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October 2nd/2015 - China
October 15th/2015 - China
Our ensemble performs original compositions based on music from the classical traditions of India, the Middle East, Turkey and Eastern Europe, weaving the unique textural flavors of oud, saz, mandocello, sarod, tabla and dumbak into an incomparably beautiful and vibrant tapestry of sound. Each musician is a seasoned performer having worked over three decades with leading maestros of traditional and classical music from around the world. Together they navigate intricate rhythms with ease and dexterity, offering deeply soulful melodies and improvisations.

Video Sample with Mukesh & Emam
April 29/2009 - Wroclaw, Poland
Rag Jog - Jhaptal Part 1
Rag Jog - Jhaptal Part 2
Rag Jog - Jor, Jala
Rag Jog - Alap
Audio Samples with Mukesh & Emam
Jai Ganesha Duet
Desert Moon Duet
Video Sample with Gari & Emam
From a concert @ U of WI - Eau Claire
Smile My Friend
Audio Samples with Gari & Emam
from the album: Is This Real?
from the album: Sacred Insanity
Gypsy Song
Smile my friend
Tinkers Dance