bansuri (bmboo flute)

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(from "Sacred Insanity" by "Emam & Friends")

Dancing Fairies
Dance of the Hermit - Part 3

Bamboo flutist, Manose, from the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal, is one of the most noteworthy new faces to the world music scene. Manose was initially drawn to the flute at age eight. As his interest in music quickly deepened, he went from playing Nepali folk songs and other popular music to serious study of the Indian raga form.
He has been teaching bamboo flute since he was seventeen and has been a music teacher in Kathmandu for University of Wisconsin's College Year in Nepal program, and Naropa Institute's Nepal program since 1995.
In Nepal, Manose is the well-recognized recipient of national awards, and appears regularly on Nepali T.V. and radio. In 1996, he performed at the annual Asian Festival in Basel Switzerland, the Nepali Embassy in Bon Germany, and in 1997, he appeared with blue grass musician Peter Rowan at California's Strawberry Festival.
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