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Unusual Rhythms of the East
In this workshop, Emam focuses on the unusual rhythms used in India, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. The rhythms used in these regions are quite different from the everyday 4/4 rhythms heard in the West. Here, the participants learn a very simple, yet methodical approach to understanding and playing these Unusual Rhythms. They will understand and be able to play rhythm cycles of 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14 and 15 beats. Intended for all levels and all instruments. Participants are not required to have an instrument. All the principals in this class can be learned by vocalization.
Basic Rhythm
An introductory workshop focusing on technique for hand drums and basic rhythmic principals. This is a beginner class for those who want to learn to play a hand percussion instrument. All participants must have an instrument of their choice.
Advance Rhythm
This is a workshop intended for musicians only. It is an advanced version of the first two workshops with much more focus on actual playing and improvisation.
Beginner Tabla
An introductory level tabla class intended for those who wish to learn to play tabla (classical drums of North India). Emam teaches the basic techniques of tabla and rhythmic principals behind the instrument. All participants must have their own set of tabla drums.
Intermediate Tabla
A tabla class for those who have studied tabla for at least six months to one year. In this workshop, Emam focuses on some basic compositions for tabla (Kaida) as well as correcting the participants' technique. All participants must have their own set of tabla drums.
Advanced Tabla
This is an advanced tabla class for those with a minimum of two to three years of tabla playing experience. Here, the student learns more advanced compositions for tabla, and how to improvise, create variations and perform as an accompanist. All participants must have their own set of tabla drums.
Indian Music Appreciation
An introductory lecture/demonstration type of workshop which introduces the basic concepts behind Indian Classical Music with various examples/samples of the music. Indian classical music consists of two aspects: Tala and Raga. This workshop explores the principal behind each aspect and gives examples for each. This class does not require any previous musical training.
Sacred Rhythms and Music
This workshop introduces the participants to Sacred Chants and rhythms used in India and the Middle East. Kirtan (chanting) is a very important aspect of spiritual life. Devotional songs are used to tune one self to the divine through singing. In the Middle East, Zikr and singing of the divine names are an old tradition amongst the Sufi practitioners. In this workshop both of these traditions are explored and experienced. This class does not require any previous musical training.
Introduction to World Fusion Music
World Fusion Music is the result of coming together of two or more musical traditions and instruments. This class describes and gives examples of various types of World Fusion Music. Includes creation of music in the workshop. This class does not require any previous musical training, however, those participants who have musical training, and play an instrument, will join in the creation of the music.